Frequently Asked Questions


Most people spend about 45 min to 1.5 hours total. This is comprised of a 45 question survey and you uploading any existing materials you have into a private folder we grant you access to post order. 

The first step is getting everything out of your head. You might have some existing materials but we have a very methodical process for collecting data. This includes a questionnaire and a digital folder for you to drop any existing materials you have. 

Absolutely not. You tell us as part of the survey if you’d like us to match it, come close, or have a totally new look. 

We are really efficient. However, we can only work with the data you give us. The MORE data, the MORE complete the product. If we need more, we will let you know. Note: Please provide as much detail as possible when you have it. 

Dude... have you ever done one of these? Save yourself the grey hairs and time. We crank these out daily. 

The more information we have from you, the more complete product we can get back to you. If we need more, we will let you know. Note: Please provide as much detail as possible when you have it. 

Typical turnaround time is 5-7 business days if we have all information from you. 

You are allowed 2 revisions with our graphics team if you need them. 

We send via DocSend first for your review. If you like them, we send you the original files so you can edit at anytime later. 

We have an excellent trained team that puts in a lot of time as well as designers we pay to ensure you look good, so all sales are final. 


Our team has had years and years of practice and we have the process nailed for efficiency. 

Short answer is probably. If you're sending us more than 10/week in addition to our other workload, we should talk! 

Only if you ask us to. This is part of our questionnaire. If we do use it and you ever want us to take it down for any reason, just email us!

Of course! In PDF, PPT, Keynote or all that you request. This is also part of our questionnaire.  

Yes. See our products page. 

Short answer is no. However, we are evaluating it. If you send someone our way, we'll keep you caffeinated with a $10 Starbucks gift card. Just intro them to and if they do a project with us, we'll send it over your way. 

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