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About VC Decks

Your success matters to us. That means doing things right the first time.

We are a team of experienced professionals in the early-stage entrepreneur and investing space. For over 5 years, we’ve provided impactful resources to thousands of companies seeking outside funding.

We are industry and investor agnostic, working with companies from 1-25+ employees. 
Your success matters to us. That means doing things right the first time.

Preparation is Key

You’ve heard it before and the same holds true for your business. Given that you typically get one shot with investors, planning is key. Did you know the last place to start is opening a PowerPoint? We start with the whole picture first and work backwards for an end product with impact.

Have Some Pie

Some humble pie, that is. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just starting out, you know your business best and letting someone in is tough. We give honest feedback people love. No one is an expert at everything. Let us provide the expertise you need to put your best foot forward.

No Robots Here

That’s right. Real people. Amazing, right? Here’s the deal. Every company is unique and we customize materials for each company and offering. You won’t see boilerplates or templates here. Our team of experts will work with you to create just the right materials for your business.

Only A Few Rules

We have a jerk-free work environment and check our egos at the door. That said you have to trust us - we’ve done thousands of these! We are happy to share our thoughts and resources and hope to make a friend in the process.

Tell Us About Yourself

We start by doing an intake survey - a collection of questions about your business that typically takes 40-60 minutes to complete. Many people will reference materials they might have already put together, however it's important for us to know all about you.

Professionally Prepared

We want you to look the best you can and that’s why we’re here. Great work takes time. However, most of the work is done in about a week or less. Imagine your content, design, logo, branding, and colors, all professionally designed and prepared for you with our consultative approach.

Let’s Schedule A Chat

It’s important we clarify the messaging and content that you’ve provided and make sure that it has your look, feel and branding. If we feel we need more information post data collection, we’ll send a calendar invite options to make sure we have everything we need to get you prepared.


The VCDecks Guarantee 

Our Promise to You

If you’ve been searching for anything like this, you know what we provide is at a fraction of what most firms charge. We aren’t like anyone else out there. What used to take dozens of hours and cost thousands has been streamlined by our team. At VCDecks we leverage decades of expertise to simplify the process. The result is an affordable and effective personal touch for your business - at a cost few can compete with.

  • “VC did a fantastic job helping put together materials and helping mold together a story about my business."
    – Tyree
  • “As an entrepreneur, everyone thinks that all their things are organized, until an outsider comes in a says, “hey you need to clean this up!”"
    – Jacob
  • “They are doing great work for new entrepreneurs!”
    – Michael
  • “Awesome! Really helped me to get professionally prepared in ways I didn’t even realize I needed to be. I'm now in talks with 3 investors."

    – Sterling 

  • “The personal attention provided was invaluable for us as a startup.”
    – Olusegun
  • “VC takes the steps to get you investment ready.”
    – Jeff
  • “They are the best organization with total support for the entrepreneur.”
    – Wei
  • “For someone like me who has never pitched to investors before, their personal attention helped me get in the best position possible to succeed.”
  • “VC provides a rare level of personal attention and service to help prepare and deliver a pitch to a large number of qualified investors.”
    – Mike
  • “It’s not the kind of industry where no one will hear about you. So, you want to make the best impression you can. And VC tries to make sure that you do make that impression and you land on your feet.”
    – Mike

One-Pager (Fact Card)


One of the fastest ways to educate someone on your business or fundraising is a fact card (a.k.a. Teaser, One-Pager, Sell sheet). 

In our world of email marketing, having a quick-hitting marketing piece is essential. We take the key highlights of your business and create a professionally-designed, expertise-driven product in a week or less. 

Simply enter some information into our guide and we'll work with you to create a marketing "hook" piece.

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Pitch Deck


Whether you're prepping for your first round of financing or just want to rock your next presentation, we'll make you look as good as you should. 

We will coordinate the details of your business into a presentation that succinctly provides the necessary information in a captivating fashion. 

Through collaborating on your sales strategy, together we will provide your potential business partners and investors with a presentation they simply can't say no to!

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Bundle (One-pager + Pitch Deck)


This is where it all comes together. The right content, design and consistency all in one package. 

We advise starting initial conversations with a one-pager to gauge interest. As things progress, many will ask for a presentation (pitch) deck. 

Content is king. Messaging is key. Design speaks volumes. This is for the prepared business owner ready to raise. 

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Presentation Training (Storytelling)


Your practiced pitch and professional pitch deck combined in one unique video showing you speaking beside your deck.

Receive one-on-one coaching to turn your pitch into a story-driven investment opportunity.

Some investors love stories over data, while others prefer data over stories. Together we'll find the perfect balance for your presentation.

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